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Ford Stainless Steel Logo Sign with Blue led Back Lighting Custom

We fabricate all types of custom metal signs and specialize in stainless steel. Our most popular sign construction is the brushed stainless steel box panel base with metal logos raised from the panel surface. Stainless steel is one of the best proven materials available for corrosion resistance and low maintenance. Type 316 stainless steel is used for the most common cost effective used for normal applications. Type 304 stainless steel is used where there is exposure to corrosive chemicals or marine applications where there is exposure to salt water. The signs can be fabricated to mount to a wall surface or free standing to mount to a concrete pad. Our indoor wall signs are easily mounted with screws into the mounting surface. For outdoor signs we provide a simple solid mount system so the customer can install themselves with common tools. All installation hardware is concealed so you have a very clean modern appearance for your business identity.

The logos and letters are precision cut in steel by water jet and either powder coated in color, or if the customer prefers stainless steel we'll hand finish the material according to customer preference. The powder coating process is a baked on finish producing one of the most durable long lasting corrosion resistant finishes in the industry. Stainless steel logos can have a brushed finish, a satin or matte finish, or mirror polished. Reverse channel type metal logos and lettering are also an option if the customer prefers a deep appearance. The reverse channel lettering can also be back lit with led lighting and can be mounted to a panel or direct to a wall surface. ​Some other materials used in the signs are brass, copper, aluminum, and black iron.

Other processes include laser etching for a durable black permanent finish or sandblasting for a permanent light gray appearance. These processes can be used where small details are required such as desk nameplates or office door signs. ​We are a custom sign fabricator so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have an usual project or request. We welcome "out of the ordinary" projects. If you're interested in a contemporary or modern statement for your business identity we want to hear from you. To receive a quote please send an image of your logo along with an approximate width you need for the sign. Your detailed quote will be returned promptly along with our ordering process.

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